Best Way to Transfer Money Abroad

Best Way to Transfer Money Abroad: 3 Easy Ways You Need To Know!

Ever wondered how exactly to do money transfers abroad using bank account transfers with better exchange rates? Whether it be to pay a bill or send money to a friend, you’ll inevitably need to send money from your bank account overseas at some point. However, international money transfers can be a bit tricky and leave even seasoned expats scratching their heads looking for a money transfer that direct deposits to your debit card. An exchange rate can be confusing and the transfer fee can be high. So, to help you out to transfer funds, we’ve put together this list of the best ways to send money abroad from your debit card bank account. Read the tips about ways to send cash tips overseas below.

Why You Should Send Money Abroad

The main reason you should money transfer abroad is for financial flexibility. The money you bank transfer from your debit card stays in your home country and can be used for anything from paying off credit card debts to funding your children’s education.

You can also use foreign currency to take a vacation or splurge on luxury. Send money from your bank account to the bookings you made to pay for your vacation. Keep in mind that most foreign exchange booths don’t allow you to buy “for keeps” like gold or gemstones. You can only exchange your cash for a limited amount of local currency from your debit card bank account.

Using TransferWise for Money Transfer Abroad

TransferWise is a popular and one of the cheapest ways of money transfer services that work with global money transfer companies with better exchange rates. Using TransferWise for sending money abroad from your bank account has several advantages. International money can be a cash pickup or directly deposited into a debit card account. It will reflect immediately as long as it is sent direct debit during banking hours in the destination country. Here’s why you should use TransferWise to send money internationally. Best Way to Transfer Money Abroad 2

TransferWise is a young startup that’s made waves by offering incredibly low-cost international wire transfer from your bank account. They don’t charge any fees for their money transfers and, unlike other money transfers companies on this list, they don’t actually have a physical office; all transfers must go through a third-party agent from a bank account to a bank account or cash pickup.

TransferWise is a global money transfer company that specializes in international bank transfer using your credit and debit cards. They partner with global money transfer companies and local banks to offer an online transfer money service that’s fast, cheap, and secure.

Best Way to Send Money with Low Transfer Fees

The easiest way to send money abroad is to use a service and convenient option like TransferWise or known now as just Wise. Wire transfer companies have agreements with banks and other financial institutions around the globe making it easy for you to receive and send money in real time zones.

You can transfer money internationally and internationally send money to friends and family in their bank accounts. The company charges a flat fee of 10% and no hidden fees. You can send money from your bank account as little as $1 and no maximum amount. If you send money over $200, you can get a 0.5% reduction. If you transfer money over $1,000, the fee is dropped to 0.25%. Large transfers mean lesser transfer fees you can save. It has also better exchange rates than other regulated financial institution for sending money.

Otherwise, you can send money through an international money transfer company or an online money transfer service. Keep in mind that these companies charge pretty high transfer fees, which make it expensive to send money on small amounts of money to the recipient’s bank account.


Ultimately, it’s up to you whether or not you want to send money abroad. The options listed above are just a few of the many ways you can receive or do money transfers abroad. But if you run out of money Wise is one of the money transfer services you can trust. Money is transferred immediately to the recipient’s bank account in real-time.

Remember, however, that just because you can send money overseas, it doesn’t mean you should. Think carefully before doing any international transfers and make sure you know what you’re getting yourself into or you will end up paying hefty fees on sending money. There are many ways to send money to bank accounts. Just make sure you trust an international money transfer that has low fees, agreeable exchange rates, receives the transfers the same day, and is able to any payment method.

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