Everyone Has the Right to Privacy

Everyone Has the Right to Privacy

No matter if you are an employee or an entrepreneur, no one can ignore the issue of data protection and the resulting legal obligations. The technical possibilities today have many advantages, such as fast transmission and management of information. The night part also comes out of it, namely that many data and information can be stored easily and it is increasingly difficult to keep track of who is allowed to know what and where the limits. Just because an act is practically possible is not automatically legal and legitimate. In real life, it goes without saying that we respect and do not take advantage of our counterparts. Data with the right to privacy on the other hand, as a gray mass, hardly anyone sees with these eyes.Everyone Has the Right to Privacy

A lawyer for privacy

In order for a neutral entity to keep track of access to data, businesses are now required to appoint a data protection officer for their right to privacy. It often happens that simply a colleague from the IT department takes over the position. This quickly becomes a mistake, as conflicts of interest can arise in the case due to the different requirements. For the company, such a wrong decision affects not only the reputation, fines can be imposed.

So, if there is no one internally who can easily serve as a data protection officer, companies are better advised to get someone from outside. For example, lawyers offer this. Larger law firms such as Steinbock & Partner ( steinbock-partner.de ) have suitable staff and can also provide information about legal issues relating to data protection.

Privacy is a must

Although the storage and processing of personal data are not fundamentally illegal even for larger quantities, care must nevertheless be taken to ensure that the right to informational self-determination of citizens is maintained. Every company has data on individual employees, often also on customers and business partners. Therefore, it is in their own interest and in consideration of the employees necessary to deal with privacy.

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