Occupational Freedom

Occupational Freedom – A Right?

Occupational Freedom 2What is occupational freedom? Everyone has the right to freely choose a profession, whether that of a teacher, solicitor, financial adviser or doctor. The only requirement is initially only the school. So you can study law, for example, only if you have the Abitur with the necessary NC in the bag. Once you have decided to become a doctor, graduate and pass the exam, as well as complete the Practical Year and the required internships, nothing stands in the way of practising the profession. Unless the physician is deprived of the approbation, which is possible in the legal framework of the State Medical Association.

The license to practice is a prerequisite for free choice of occupation of the doctor

The word approbation is derived from Latin and means as much as approval, recognition. These can be obtained as a dentist, doctor, child and adolescent psychotherapist, pharmacist and psychological psychotherapist. also as a veterinarian, you need a license. The approval is state-recognized. Thus, the physician can work independently and independently. There are the licensing regulations, which regulates the law around the issues around the approbation. From this, there are certain circumstances that can deprive a physician of the license to practice medicine. In such a case, occupational freedom is no longer a right as regulations have been violated. The exact facts can be clarified by medical lawyers, such as Lyck & Pätzold (http://www.medizinanwaelte.de/approbationsentzug.html ).

When the approbation is withdrawn

But what has to happen to deprive a doctor of his license to practice? The doctor has to prove unworthy. This means that he has committed a crime in the medical field. The doctor usually suffers from these crimes already a loss of confidence in his patients and also in the population. Another reason why a doctor may be deprived of authorization is that he is ill-suited to practice the profession, for example, when there is an addiction or mental weakness that makes it impossible for him to take responsibility , If the owner refuses to take part in a medical and medical examination. Even if the doctor is not proficient in the German language, he will not be granted the license to practice medicine.

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