What Legal Obligations Do Children and Young People Have

What Legal Obligations Do Children and Young People Have?

Children and Young PeopleThe law determines the actions of the people. There are rights and legal obligations for all areas. If you do not stick to it, you have to justify yourself in court and you will be sanctioned if necessary. Fully punishable here in Germany at the age of 16 years. Before that parents are liable for what their children do. But that does not necessarily mean that you have no obligations as a child or adolescent.

Children have to develop a sense of wrong

Children enjoy a special position because they do not yet understand the wrong things. You have to develop that only over the years. This is how small children sometimes chop, although this is not socially desirable. You do not hurt anyone physically. As a parent, you have to teach the child very often, until it understands and above all can implement what is meant. The right and wrong consciousness may develop in the child’s free spaces are their legal obligations. Parents should not lose patience and point out the same circumstance to the child again and again. Only then can it develop into a responsible person who knows his rights and responsibilities.

Teenagers test their limits

At the age of teenagers is tested and limits are tested. Later, as adults, they are not always supposed to accept everything the way they feel about it. The critical attitude to things is important in order to make a responsible decision. Although young people are not yet fully punishable, it always comes back to rule and law breaks. That’s what the parents have to pay for. The young people have the right to position themselves in life. If it goes wrong and you have crossed a border, so you can master together as a parent and learn from the mistakes. If you can not do that, you can get educational support, for example from a psychologist. An address is Torsten Wulff quickborn, Children and adolescents have more freedom than adults.

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